August 5-10, 2011:Back in Vegas, Then Back to Ibiza, Now In Alicante!

Landed into Vegas on Friday because I played Marquee later that night. I love how in Vegas there’s all those weird street performers but this time I saw some especially weird ones… Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. I know it doesn’t sound that weird but when its over 100 degrees out, then it gets weird! You think they’d change their outfits with the seasons, they must’ve been dying!!

Anyways, back to business, Marquee was great, both on Friday night and Saturday at the pool. Thanks everyone who came out! You guys are making Vegas one of my favorite places to play!

Straight from Vegas, I stopped in London to catch my jet to Ibiza and play Monday’s Calling at Space. I can’t stay away, but that’s how I love my summers! Here we are on the way to Ibiza. The captain’s giving us the low down! Why does Jermaine look so annoyed? Haha!

On Monday before the gig I played a quick set at Savannah the it was off to Space! It was a BIG show, I played alongside Chris Lake and Mark Knight. So fun! Here’s Chris rockin’ it with some funky house!

Here’s the crowd right before I went on…

The vibes at Space were insane! Thanks to everyone who came out and rocked it with me! Yesterday I had a couple of meetings before I was off to Alicante to play Achill Javea. Here’s what meetings look like in Ibiza, beachside… Love it!

Aaaannd now I’m here in Alicante pickin’ out tracks for tonight! Hope to see some of you party people there!!

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