July 20-24, 2011 - Provocateur in NYC, Rich’s in Texas, then Vegas

Landed into a HOT NYC on Wednesday. Good to be back at my stomping grounds to play Provocateur. Before the gig Satsky and I ate at Lion, I got the most AMAZING truffle pasta. Stuff should be outlawed. Love playing in NYC, such sexy vibes! From there I was off to Texas to play a gig in Houston at Rich’s on Friday. It was even hotter there than in New York! My new name for Houston is now HOUSE-ton because they’re such house heads.

From there is was straight to Vegas to play Marquee Saturday night then TAO Beach on Sunday. I can never get a break from the heat! Went to dinner at Lavo before my gig at Marquee to get ready for the party people! They look ready huh?

TAO Beach was sweaty again, but hey not complaining! Both my Vegas gigs were crazy, as Vegas always is! It was fun getting back there after all the fun I had during EDC weekend. Thanks everyone for coming out to all the shows! Now I’m off to Mykonos again, can’t wait!

0 notes, July 20, 2011