July 12 & 13, 2011- Montenegro and Fink Beach, Turkey

Montenegro was just as insane as Ministry of Sound. People were going off! Definitely cool vibes. I was only there for a short time, but man, the day I left to head to Turkey was HOT. Tour shots…

Can you see the heat from this picture? Haha jk.

Next I headed to Bodrum to play Fink Beach. The crowd ROCKED! I had some down time in Bodrum, which was nice so I could check the place out a bit. The owner of Fink was sooo nice! He took us to a really good fish restaurant in town, but that wasn’t good enough. The next day he wanted to take us to an even BETTER place. Got a lot of studio time in and even had a little extra time to enjoy the beautiful weather. Thanks Fink!

Best cappuccino!

This is according to the owner of Fink Beach, the BEST fish place there.

This was cool… Trees in the water with Jack-O-Lanterns on them!

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