July 4-7, 2011 - Home for America’s and My Lady’s Bithdays!

Back home for the 4th. My day was filled with lots of family, bbq, and fireworks. It’s been nice to be home to get in some gym time and of course spending as much time as possible with my family. Home time is filled with lots of laughs and food, so I gotta make sure I stay consistent with getting a work out in. My wife’s birthday was on Wednesday night. We had the family and the crew, we all ate a ton. So of course today gym time again!

Aaaand this is the reason why I gotta keep my gym up at home! My son ordered this dessert… It’s a mountain of spun SUGAR with ICE CREAM and fruit beneath it!

Then I do this! Cardio to burn it off!

On Saturday, I’m back at it and in London at Ministry of Sound. B@ TV is recording a live video of my set Saturday night so tune in and feel like you’re at the party!

0 notes, July 7, 2011