Pre 4th of July Weekend in Romania, Greece, then Turkey!

First stop for the weekend: B’estfest in Bucharest, Romania! The gig was awesome! My Romanian fans have so much enthusiasm so I had a lot of fun. Next up I headed to Mykonos, Greece to kick off the first date of my “Flashing Lights” tour and my residency at Cavo Paradiso. The gig was sooo much fun! People were crazy, I played until 730AM and they STILL wanted to keep partying! Greece is so beautiful too… Went crazy and snapped a lot of photos haha :)

Sanchez Skies Airlines was the method of travel! And busted out my Diesel Hi-tops for the weekend!

Anyone wanna swim! The pool at Cavo!

The beautiful view from Cavo.

Getting ready for the gig!

The view from my balcony in Mykonos. Stunning!

Party people didn’t wanna stop! This was at 730AM!

The last leg of the weekend was in Antalya, Turkey. Sanchez Skies Airlines was in commission again, everything went smoothly! First I played at Sungate Alara Show Center’da Bence then played at Aura. Great vibes!

Jermaine, not excited to be on our own jet?

Now headed back home to see the fam for the 4th. Happy Birthday America! Thanks to everyone who came out to my gigs, much love!

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