June 17 & 18, 2011 - Brazil for Sensation then HOME!

Wooo Brazil! On Friday I played the Skol Sensation preparty. People were going nuts already and it was only the preparty! Then Sensation was on Saturday, which was AMAZING! Such a cool experience! 85,000 people all dressed in white and on Father’s Day!

Kaskade played right before me and killed it! Brazil is always tons of fun, the people are amazing and so warm and welcoming!

Of course got in some gym time in Brazil. Here’s proof! Treadmill photoshoot:

Poolside lunch with Jermaine… Aww how romantic!

And got in a studio sesh with my many Sidney Samson :)

The green room before Sensation… Got water?

The bass was so loud backstage that stuff started getting knocked over! SENSATION!

Much love Brazil! Now I’m home with the fam until EDC weekend in Vegas. Love being with my fam but also looking forward to EDC. See ya then party people!

0 notes, June 21, 2011