June 13 through 16, 2011 - Ibiza Time!

After a looonnng (but fun) Sunday we headed to Ibiza for the the opening Monday’s Calling party on.. well Monday duh! Jermaine, Baggi, and myself flew back to the island together on our own private jet… Not bad! On the way we stopped and picked up Danny and his girlfriend. I think maybe we should go into the private jet shuttle service!

The weather when we got back was PERFECT! First we prepartied at Cafe Del Mar with the crew, then headed to Villa Mercedes for a big family dinner before my gig. The gig was a blast! It was the perfect way to kick off summer Ibiza season! The next day we all had a backyard poolside bbq and watched the sunset together… Awwww. Haha! It was a nice and chill day after the madness of Monday’s Calling. Now I’m resting up, getting in some studio time, and prepping for my Brazil gig at Sensation. Should be a good one! Here’s some silly pics to enjoy :)

Our chariot to Ibiza!

View of the inside… Not too shabby!

Hey Baggi wussup?!

Jermaine being a paparazzi… You can let go of the camera sometimes dude!

The plane I want for the “Roger Sanchez Worldwide Shuttle”… I wish!

Had to share the amazing weather we landed back in Ibiza to…

Dinner at Villa Mercedes. Amazing!

After the gig, our strong BBQ crew!

Check out that spread! Delicious!

We had a cannonball contest! Fitting considering how much we ate… Let’s just say we all had big splashes!

Cool shark bib Danny…

Aaand ended the day with this beautiful sunset!

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