June 12, 2011 - Big Sunday: 7th Sunday Festival, Boomerang Beach, then Noxx

WOW what a jam packed Sunday… I started my day off at 7th Sunday Festival in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The festival was COLD but tons of fun… Love festivals!

Crowd shot!

Check out the waterfall they had!

Then I was off to Boomerang Beach in Scheveningen, also in the Netherlands. Baggi opened up for me so that was a fun little Stealth takeover. The gig had great vibes to pump me up for Noxx! There’s Baggi….

Last but not least was Noxx in Belgium! It was fun being able to play for that many people in one day in all different locations… Crazy but fun! Thanks to everyone that came out! Now off to IBIZA :)

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