December 6th, 2011 - Recap of the past few weeks…

Last time I wrote was before Thanksgiving and a lot has happened since! Between lots of family time and some gigs I’ve got quite a lot to update you guys on! Before Thanksgiving I had some time off at home in LA to hang with my fam… Caught a few of my son’s basketball games, saw Happy Feet 2, ate lots of turkey, and my wife even let me have some time in the studio! 

Right after gorging myself on my mother-in-law’s turkey feast I headed to Glo in NY for some great house vibes! Then off to Dancegiving in Ft. Lauderdale. People were pretty crazy after Thanksgiving… Assuming it was because everyone was so pent up in the house with family that they wanted to get their party on!

From there I was off to Miami for some studio time with my bud Robbie Rivera. We’re working on some more stuff for my S-Man alias. Can’t wait to show it you guys! And of course some gym time to work off the turkey! Cardio!

After much Miami studio time I headed back to the west to play Yost in the OC and Avalon Hollywood. Both were rockin’! Now I’m in Vancouver after my gig at Fortune Sound Club about to head to Manila! Going to be a looooong flight. Here’s us at dinner last night at Tojo’s, seriously THE BEST Japanese food I’ve had all year! 


Alright! So see ya soon Manila party people!

0 notes, December 6, 2011