October 11, 2011 - South America

So far my time in South America has been great! Tons of energy at all the gigs so far. Feelin’ the love from the South American fans! Right now I’m on the last leg of my Brazil tour. Brazilians crowds are probably one the funnest crowds because they’re energetic and love whistling, which pumps me up.

After this I’m headed to Mexico for a few days. I’m ready for some authentic ceviche! Ok here’s some pics from the last week….

Dinner at Kinoshita in Sao Paolo with Jermaine - its Sushi Time!

And got some studio time with TIko’s Groove himself. We’re cooking up some techy deep house!

Thanks to everyone who came out to my gigs! Check back in soon and hope to see some of you in Mexico!

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