September 29, 2011 - It’s been WAAAYYY too long!

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long! I’ve been so busy in this tail end of the summer, I’ve barely had time to breath, but still no excuse to not keep ya guys updated! So I’ll just do a quick recap of all the some stuff that’s happened in the past month…

Since last time I wrote I’ve been spending TONS of time in the studio, which was good because I’m happy to say I’ve been super productive. Labor day weekend was pretty insane. I played 3 shows in 4 days, all in different cities! Went from Vegas, to Miami, to Toronto, to New York. Can you say tired?! But had tons of fun!

I was sad to play my last gigs in Ibiza for the summer, but that just starts the countdown over again for next summer! 

Here’s the past month in pictures… I think this will help recap everything that’s been goin’ on!

On the rooftop of  Guy Laliberte’s villa in Ibiza (owner of Cirque du Soleil) for a private sunset concert!

Took this at Liv of what I call The Blue Bar (I made that up) in the Fountainbleau during Labor Day Weekend. I recommend the watermelon mojito!

This was at Pier 7 in Beirut. First time playing there! can’t wait to make my way back!

We took a little boat ride in my last days of summer in Ibiza. By the way, how do you guys like Jermaine’s hat?

Lunch at Es Torrent on our boat outing. I still remember how good that Paella was! 

I’ll miss those Ibiza sunsets!

I was able to check out Sasha at Ushuaia before leaving Ibiza. He definitely helped inspire me to keep working on my S-Man sounds…

This was in the green room right before another memorable night at The Wright Venue in Dublin for my residency there. It’s literally a green room (has a tree in the middle of it)!

This was right before I went on for my last gig on the Space Ibiza terrace of the summer!

Got some family time and gym time back at home (awesome picture, I know haha).

Being home means driving this thing around LA with the top down!

Got to check out the new Cirque Du Soleil afterparty with the fam!

And a Stealth family outing to see Alesso in LA as well.

It was nice having some time at home and seeing everyone after that crazy summer! Now I’m off to South America for a mini-tour. I promise I’ll try to write again soon… No more months off! Thanks to everyone who made my summer so amazing!

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