December 6th, 2011 - Recap of the past few weeks…

Last time I wrote was before Thanksgiving and a lot has happened since! Between lots of family time and some gigs I’ve got quite a lot to update you guys on! Before Thanksgiving I had some time off at home in LA to hang with my fam… Caught a few of my son’s basketball games, saw Happy Feet 2, ate lots of turkey, and my wife even let me have some time in the studio! 

Right after gorging myself on my mother-in-law’s turkey feast I headed to Glo in NY for some great house vibes! Then off to Dancegiving in Ft. Lauderdale. People were pretty crazy after Thanksgiving… Assuming it was because everyone was so pent up in the house with family that they wanted to get their party on!

From there I was off to Miami for some studio time with my bud Robbie Rivera. We’re working on some more stuff for my S-Man alias. Can’t wait to show it you guys! And of course some gym time to work off the turkey! Cardio!

After much Miami studio time I headed back to the west to play Yost in the OC and Avalon Hollywood. Both were rockin’! Now I’m in Vancouver after my gig at Fortune Sound Club about to head to Manila! Going to be a looooong flight. Here’s us at dinner last night at Tojo’s, seriously THE BEST Japanese food I’ve had all year! 


Alright! So see ya soon Manila party people!

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November 15, 2011 - Europa! Egypt and home

I’ve been in Europe for the past few weeks… Paris, Belfast, Italy, Germany, and Mardrid (and if I left anywhere else out) was amazing! And I made a quick pit stop in Egypt. I’ve been taking a ton of time to work on new tracks. Very excited to get all these out for you guys! 

I’ve been so busy that I forgot to take as many pictures as I normally do but here’s some from my phone!

^^ That’s a cheat day meal I had in Belfast. Amazing Strawberry Shortcake!

If you’re ever in Madrid, go HERE for tapas. The best in town!

This was from my gig in Torino in Italy!

Now time to fall off the grid for a bit for some much needed family time! Until then peeps…

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October 27, 2011 - Mexico, MOS, and ADE!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since my last post. I finished up my South American tour with a few places in Mexico, Brazil, and Ecuador. I played at Platinum in Quito, Ecuador, which was so beautiful. Here’s some pics from my trip there….

Lunch in a garden in Quito!

Had to snap a photo of my amazing meal (it was a cheat day from my diet).

They wrote the name of the restaurant out of balsamic and olive oil!

Quito skyline.

Ichimbia Cultural Center (love that ceiling).

Cool sculpture in Quito.

From there I headed to Mexico City. My gig there was awesome! Such great vibes and everyone was super into it. Then to Cabo San Lucas to play Nikki Beach. Here’s where the party was at… Paradise, huh?

After that I had a few much appreciated days at home with the fam before leaving for London to play in Italy and Ministry of Sound before ADE craziness. The Stealth Records party was tons of fun. Prok & Fitch and Kaskade also played the party with me so it was HUGE. Was tons of fun because my whole Stealth crew was there, a proper party.

Took this at MoS.. Sebastian Drums getting things ready for me!

From there I headed back to London for some studio with Mr. Danny Mcfly… Here’s him very enthusiastically cooking our lunch, haha!

Now I’m off to India to play the Grand Prix, alongside Metallica and Lady Gaga! What a gig! Couldn’t be more excited!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the gigs! You guys are awesome, I always appreciate the love and support… And see some of you soon! I’ll be in Europe for a bit more then headed back to the US. Peace!

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October 11, 2011 - South America

So far my time in South America has been great! Tons of energy at all the gigs so far. Feelin’ the love from the South American fans! Right now I’m on the last leg of my Brazil tour. Brazilians crowds are probably one the funnest crowds because they’re energetic and love whistling, which pumps me up.

After this I’m headed to Mexico for a few days. I’m ready for some authentic ceviche! Ok here’s some pics from the last week….

Dinner at Kinoshita in Sao Paolo with Jermaine - its Sushi Time!

And got some studio time with TIko’s Groove himself. We’re cooking up some techy deep house!

Thanks to everyone who came out to my gigs! Check back in soon and hope to see some of you in Mexico!

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September 29, 2011 - It’s been WAAAYYY too long!

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long! I’ve been so busy in this tail end of the summer, I’ve barely had time to breath, but still no excuse to not keep ya guys updated! So I’ll just do a quick recap of all the some stuff that’s happened in the past month…

Since last time I wrote I’ve been spending TONS of time in the studio, which was good because I’m happy to say I’ve been super productive. Labor day weekend was pretty insane. I played 3 shows in 4 days, all in different cities! Went from Vegas, to Miami, to Toronto, to New York. Can you say tired?! But had tons of fun!

I was sad to play my last gigs in Ibiza for the summer, but that just starts the countdown over again for next summer! 

Here’s the past month in pictures… I think this will help recap everything that’s been goin’ on!

On the rooftop of  Guy Laliberte’s villa in Ibiza (owner of Cirque du Soleil) for a private sunset concert!

Took this at Liv of what I call The Blue Bar (I made that up) in the Fountainbleau during Labor Day Weekend. I recommend the watermelon mojito!

This was at Pier 7 in Beirut. First time playing there! can’t wait to make my way back!

We took a little boat ride in my last days of summer in Ibiza. By the way, how do you guys like Jermaine’s hat?

Lunch at Es Torrent on our boat outing. I still remember how good that Paella was! 

I’ll miss those Ibiza sunsets!

I was able to check out Sasha at Ushuaia before leaving Ibiza. He definitely helped inspire me to keep working on my S-Man sounds…

This was in the green room right before another memorable night at The Wright Venue in Dublin for my residency there. It’s literally a green room (has a tree in the middle of it)!

This was right before I went on for my last gig on the Space Ibiza terrace of the summer!

Got some family time and gym time back at home (awesome picture, I know haha).

Being home means driving this thing around LA with the top down!

Got to check out the new Cirque Du Soleil afterparty with the fam!

And a Stealth family outing to see Alesso in LA as well.

It was nice having some time at home and seeing everyone after that crazy summer! Now I’m off to South America for a mini-tour. I promise I’ll try to write again soon… No more months off! Thanks to everyone who made my summer so amazing!

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August 17 - 22, 2011: Opium Mar, Barcelona / Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos / Horizont, Varna / Ibiza

I got into Barcelona on Wednesday and we went straight to eat because we were STARVING! Grabbed lunch at a little gastro-pub, I got the Vieras & Gambas a la Plancha. Was AMAZING! Food pic!

Opium Mar was amazing! I think they were all celebrating extra hard since Barca won! Check out this bag someone from Prince in Italy made me. It’s a bag for vinyls, wish I still used vinyls this bag would come in handy!

The next day I was off to Mykonos on Sanchez Airways! Played Cavo Paradiso which is always amazing. House music and beautiful beaches, does it get any better??

After my gig I had a nice day off… What?! A FRIDAY off?!?!?! When ever does that happen anymore? BARELY EVER! Was a nice change, but for me work is what I love so I hardly consider it a job, it’s my passion. Anyways, I chilled by the pool all day Friday then had a crab and lobster feast at Nammos. I recommend the place when you’re in the mood for good seafood! So for my big Friday night off, I decided to see my buddy Armin Van Buuren at Paradise and caught Loco Dice’s deep techy set at Cavo. Both were rocking it! Check out my Friday daytime view….

Grecophillia is definitely one of my favorite hotels in Mykonos, absolutely beautiful!

From there we hopped back onto Sanchez Air for my Saturday (back to doin’ my thang) gig in Varna at Horizont Club! The crowd had real house vibes, I loved it! Then it was back to Ibiza! Sunday was a day of major studio time and a nice lunch with Jermaine at Cala Comte; Monday was more studio time, dinner at Nagai, and I checked out DC10 - very dark and underground; and today even more studio! I’m pumping it out, got some big room anthems comin’ and I’ve been playing with some darker tribal-y tech stuff. Can’t wait to get this stuff out for you guys to hear. Lovin’ this studio time!

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August 11-16: Dreamers, Marbella / Arona Summer Fest, Tenerife / RAW, Copenhagen / Ciclope, Napoli / Prince, Riccione

When I last wrote, I was in Alicante, which rocked! From there I was onto Marbella to play Dreamers. When I got to my hotel, they told me I was staying in the “Scarface Suite”. What does that mean? This!

Probably one of the weirder rooms I’ve ever stayed in, but hey it had character (literally)! I have to share more just because of how funny it was… I call this “Say hello to my leeedle suite!”

A bit gaudy… But a fun change!

The vibe at Dreamers was niiiiceeee! Loved it! Hey look they knew I was coming!

Gracias Marbella! From there I was off to Tenerife to play with David Guetta at Arona Summer Fest. The festival was sold out so it was pretty nuts! 10,000 people going off! Good thing there was so much energy because I only got to sleep for a couple hours before heading to Copenhagen to play RAW. I was so pumped from Arona so I used some of that energy to make it through! RAW!

The green room at RAW, incense and candles!

And cool underground raw (no pun intended) type art in the green room…

RAW was a blast, total underground old school rave vibes. Sunday we took off for Napoli where I played Ciclope in Polinuro. That club is so cool, it’s like a cave of house music! A lot of fun! Then yesterday we arrived to Riccione so I could play my gig at Prince. My buddy Erick Morillo rolled through. Now today I’m finally having a day off, walked around a bit in Cattolica. Back to the grind in the hotel studio to get some stuff done before I’m off again to Barcelona tomorrow to play Opium Mar.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the gigs. Much love! And see ya tomorrow BARCELONA!!

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August 5-10, 2011:Back in Vegas, Then Back to Ibiza, Now In Alicante!

Landed into Vegas on Friday because I played Marquee later that night. I love how in Vegas there’s all those weird street performers but this time I saw some especially weird ones… Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. I know it doesn’t sound that weird but when its over 100 degrees out, then it gets weird! You think they’d change their outfits with the seasons, they must’ve been dying!!

Anyways, back to business, Marquee was great, both on Friday night and Saturday at the pool. Thanks everyone who came out! You guys are making Vegas one of my favorite places to play!

Straight from Vegas, I stopped in London to catch my jet to Ibiza and play Monday’s Calling at Space. I can’t stay away, but that’s how I love my summers! Here we are on the way to Ibiza. The captain’s giving us the low down! Why does Jermaine look so annoyed? Haha!

On Monday before the gig I played a quick set at Savannah the it was off to Space! It was a BIG show, I played alongside Chris Lake and Mark Knight. So fun! Here’s Chris rockin’ it with some funky house!

Here’s the crowd right before I went on…

The vibes at Space were insane! Thanks to everyone who came out and rocked it with me! Yesterday I had a couple of meetings before I was off to Alicante to play Achill Javea. Here’s what meetings look like in Ibiza, beachside… Love it!

Aaaannd now I’m here in Alicante pickin’ out tracks for tonight! Hope to see some of you party people there!!

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July 30 - August 3, 2011:Summer Sound Fest, Helinski; Space, Ibiza

Summer Sound Festival was awesome! It was completely sold out and was extra fun because I got to play alongside my buddies Kaskade and Robbie Rivera. Festivals really have a different kind of energy so I love playing them for something different! From there Robbie and I headed back to Ibiza so I could make my Release Yourself gig at Space on Monday.

Space was a lot of fun because I got to play my a classic house set. Robbie helped me pick out a bunch of really good older house tracks on the flight over. Before the gig I played at Savannah during the daytime then ate dinner at Villa Mercedes. Thanks Ibiza for, once again, an amazing show!

The next day we had a nice BBQ. Here we are waiting for Robbie to come so we can start eating the ribs! And Jermaine cooked everything! He’s the man!

Now today, Wednesday I’m headed back home to see my family and get some down time before my Vegas shows this weekend. I’m playing Marquee nightclub Friday night and the Dayclub on Saturday. See you guys there!

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July 25 - I’m leavin’ Las Vegas! Off to Cavo Paradiso…

Got into to Mykonos on Tuesday and grabbed some sushi at Nobu before the gig. Got the lychee martini, so good! Release Yourself at Cavo Paradiso was fantastic! They call it Cavo Paradiso for a reason - it’s PARADISE! Much love Greece!

From there I headed to a rainy Montecarlo and got a good night’s sleep before my gig the next day. Got a little time in the gym as well before on Thursday morning. How beautiful is Monaco?!

I changed rooms and this was my new view. Worth it!

Had a great dinner at La Trattoria from Chef Ducasse, watched some fireworks, and got ready for my gig at Le Jimmy’z. Monaco is so beautiful, can’t wait to go back. Thanks a ton to everyone at Le Jimmy’z. On my way to Helenski…

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